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Learning Django CMS (Snappy Title in H1 Here, With a Keyword)

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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This is paragraph text, sometimes the CMS bugs and what may appear as paragraph text isn't, that can be fixed by going into the source area with the html button above and putting < p > tags around text (without spaces). < h1 > for the title, < h2 > for subheaders, < h3 > for sub subheaders, e.g. table labels (if you have CMS access).

Have an image somewhere at the top here for social media to use as a default thumbnail when users share pieces on Facebook / G+ etc. 

H2 Subheaders are Good for Google

Black Chip Poker Rakeback

For the subheader above I went into the html and added < span style="font-size: 15px;" > (without spaces) after the < h2 >, just personal preference. This CMS is fiddly and some minor font tweaks and bug fixes like that will need to be done in the source html.

Betsson Rakeback

Since it's fiddly to hyperlink images in right and left alignment I'll put some I made earlier in this article (they happen to be room logos, but it isn't necessary to put so many room logos in articles, just storing some here as a reference).

This is an important image so I'll put a < h3> title for it

The Rake Model

Images should be <50kb, page load speeds are important for google rankings. download Ifranview, drag and drop images onto the desktop icon, and 'save as web' to do this. Takes just a few seconds. Also add a keyword rich 'image description' using the insert image box.

Another subheader breaking up the page into readable chunks

Americas Cardroom RakebackImage spacings are fiddly, in the insert image box you can only set vertical and horizontal spacing, to set e.g. left spacing and right different (0 and 14 in the case of the Americas Cardroom image left) first set the horizontal and vertical to 2 diff numbers, e.g. 13 and 14.

PokerHeaven Rakeback

Then go into the html source, having set them differently you should now see margin left, right, top and bottom in the code, edit the spacings as required. More info here.

Also note how room names should be hyperlinked to landing pages.

  • Here's
  • of items
  • wide range
  • don't necessarily
  • an info 
  • in a list
  • of possible
  • need to combine
  • box
  • with bullets
  • uses 
  • boxes and bullets 

Another subheader breaking up the page into readable chunks

Betsafe Rakeback

As a rough rule stick to paragraphs of no longer than 3 - 4 sentences. This is easier to read. Use the keyword tool to get ideas on what type of thing users are searching for, and incorporate those into the text / headers.

Another subheader breaking up the page into readable chunks

Heres's an example table with a label for Google to read here



Buy in Level

$1.10 $2.20 $5.50 $11 $22 $33
1 $40 $75 $235 $240 $150 $165
2 $30 $55 $165 $170 $100 $120
3 $20 $40 $120 $125 $75  $85

Helps to end with links to related pages where applicable:

  • Part I -   Why sites take a rake, and hate winning players - the big picture
  • Part II -   Win rates & rake theory - smart game selection
  • Part III -   Playing styles & Rake - how high VPIP games pump up the rake
  • Part IV -   Rake Methods & Rakeback - the dealt, contributed, WTA & Essence systems
  • Part V -   MTT Rake - adjusting bankroll for buy in fees, and game selection
  • Part VI -   STT Rake - considering winrates, buy in size, rake and rakeback in SNGs

Or perhaps a table like this:

Visit Carbon Poker Room Review - Software, Payouts, Rakeback
Rake Structure | History of VIP Changes User Reviews - 2+2 Forum Discussion
Carbon VIP Program - Cash Rewards Carbon For U.S. Based Players
Carbon Elite VIP - Invite System Carbon Poker Mobile App
Can Carbon be trusted? Merge Gaming Network
Sit & Go Leaderboard Security & RNG Audit
Monthly Promotions Bad Beat Jackpot
Cashout Methods Mac Download
Deposit Bonus Games List
Sportsbook Freerolls
Rake Race Casino

Another table:


Poker Room


Max Tables Stakes
Zoom PokerStars ~250 8 $0.01/$0.02 - $2.50/$5
Rush Full Tilt Poker ~250 4 per pool $0.01/$0.02 - $2/$4
Fast Poker Betsafe & Unibet ~250 9 €0.01/€0.02 - €0.50/€1
Blaze Poker Ladbrokes & Nordicbet ~300 20 €0.01/€0.02 - €0.10/€0.20
FastForward PartyPoker & WPT Poker ~200 4 $0.02/$0.04 - $0.50/$1
Speed Poker Winner Poker & Ladbrokes ~140 10 per pool €0.02/€0.05 - €1/€2
Working with Django CMS is a lot of trial and error, and fairly buggy. Any questions email [email protected] links and a navigation table at the top of long content pages are also helpful, example here.

You can also embed Tweets and Youtube videos

Click on a tweet to get the embed html code.

Use the html [[ youtube src="Z3s_gGoD-Ww" width=660 height=400 ]] without spaces between the brackets. On /news/ pages the embed code directly from youtube works.

Add room CTA (call to action) boxes to increase conversions:

Use the html [[ ctabox room=americas-cardroom ]] without spaces between the brackets.

Card and Dice Tags:

spades: 2♠3♠4♠5♠6♠7♠8♠9♠T♠J♠Q♠K♠A♠
hearts: 2♥3♥4♥5♥6♥7♥8♥9♥T♥J♥Q♥K♥A♥
diamonds: 2♦3♦4♦5♦6♦7♦8♦9♦T♦J♦Q♦K♦A♦
clubs: 2♣3♣4♣5♣6♣7♣8♣9♣T♣J♣Q♣K♣A♣

dice small:       

Use e.g. { 2s } or { d1 } without spaces.

Right at the end as with the top of every content page, there'll be a social box for people to Like / Share more easily, this is added by typing [[ social_box ]] without spaces. It'll then appear on the page.

This is the sidebar area, you can just copy and paste across the below stuff to use in this section, depending how long your article is.

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