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2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table – And Then There Were 3

November 9

The 2015 WSOP Main Event final table is now down to just 3 players. Joe McKeehen picked up right where he left off, being aggressive and winning pots. He’s still the chip leader, and now holds 128,825,000 chips.

Americas Cardroom sponsored pro Josh Beckley was able to pick up a few hands along the way and survive the day. He will return tomorrow night, along with Neil Blumenfied for 3 handed play to decide a winner.

Josh gave Rakeback.com an exclusive interview only a few weeks ago.

Key hands

Hand #74 – Aces Cracked

Thomas Cannuli opens under the gun for 1.4 million holding A♣ A♠.

Max Steinberg re-raises all-in from the big blind holding 10♦ 10♥.

Cannuli snap calls for his last 9,950,000 and is in great shape to double up, but the flop comes J♣ 10♠ 6♣ signaling disaster.

The board runs out Q♦ 8♠, and Cannuli’s aces are cracked. Steinberg adds the 21,300,000 chip pot to his stack, and now has 31,225,000 chips.

Cannuli is eliminated in 6th place for $1,426,283.

Hand #98 – Mistake by Stern

Ofer Zvi Stern trying to steal, raises Josh Beckley all-in, blind versus blind.

Beckley looks down to find A♥ A♠ and calls. Stern tables the 9♠ 10♠.

The board provides no help to Stern and Beckley doubles up to 29,700,000 chips.

Stern is now the short stack holding 18,225,000 chips.

Hand #121 – Blumenfield Busts Stern

With the blinds now at 400,000/800,000/100,000 ante, Stern raises nearly his entire stack (12,025,000) with A♣ J♥.

Blumenfield re-raises all-in from the big blind. Stern calls, and Blumenfield tables the A♠ K♣.

Stern does not improve and is eliminated in 5th place for $1,911,423.

Blumenfield now holds 31,075,000 chips.

Hand #126 - Great Laydown by BeckleyJosh Beckley

McKeehen (95,475,000) opens for 1.6 million holding Q♦ Q♠.

Beckley (42,150,000) re-raises to 4 million holding J♦ J♥.

McKeehen four bets it to 10.2 million.

Somehow, four handed, Beckley (pictured right) is able to find a fold, and his pocket Jacks hit the muck.

McKeehen now holds 100,175,000 chips.

Hand #143 – Down to 3

With the blinds now at 500,000/1,000,000/150,000 ante, McKeehen opens for 2 million holding A♦ Q♣.

Steinberg shoves his last 16,650,000 holding A♥ J♦.

McKeehenen wastes no time calling, and the pot is 34,100,000.

The board runs dry for Steinberg and he is eliminated in 4th place for $2,615,361.

Final 3 – Chip Counts                       Final 3 Pay-Outs

  • Joseph McKeehen  - 128,825,000 (67%)                         1st   $7,683,346
  • Neil Blumenfield     - 40,125,000 (21%)                          2nd  $4,470,896
  • Joshua Beckley        - 23,700,000 (12%)                         3rd  $3,398,298

The final three players will return tonight, only one can become the 2015 WSOP Main Event champion. Action starts at 9:30 pm ET live on ESPN.

Keep up with all the WSOP Final Table news and updates right here on Rakeback.com


By Dan Dececco, Rakeback.com Freelance Author

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