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2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table – Down to 6 Players

November 9 Set

The final table of the 2015 WSOP Main Event kicked off last night, live on ESPN. We didn’t have to wait long for action, on just the 2nd hand of the night, short stack Patrick Chan got all of his chips in the middle and was eliminated by chip leader Joe McKeehen.

Joe McKeehen would eliminate all 3 players, and the “November 9” is now down to six. McKeehen holds over 91 million in chips, 47% of the total chips in play.

McKeehen Cruising (Key Hands)Joe McKeehen

Hand #2

McKeehen (pictured right) open shoves from the button, forcing the short stacks, Chan and Federico Butteroni to a decision for their tournament lives.

Chan looks stunned, but makes the call holding K♠ Q♣.

McKeehen shows the A♦ 4♥ and is ahead.

The board provides no help for Chan and he’s eliminated in 9th place for $1,001,020.

Hand #35

McKeehen raises from the button, and Butteroni shoves his last 2.4 million chips.

McKeehen snap calls and shows the A♠ K♠.

Butteroni shows A♥ J♣.

Once again the board provides no help, and Butteroni is eliminated in 8th place for $1,097,056.

Hand #72

McKeehen raises the action to 1.2 million, and Pierre Neuville moves all-in for his last 3 million from the big blind.

McKeehen calls and the hands are tabled. Neuville is way ahead with the A♣ J♣ versus McKeehen’s J♥ 6♥.

The flop is Q♦ 10♦ 3♥, Neuville is in great shape to double up. The turn and river, however, are Q♥ J♥ making McKeehen a flush.

Neuville is eliminated in 7th place for $1,203,293.

Current Chip Counts

The players will return tonight, and play down to 3 players. Action resumes at 8 pm ET live on ESPN2.

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By Dan Dececco, Rakeback.com Freelance Author

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