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Freebuy Poker- Will It Revolutionize The Online Game?

    ACR Super Series

Freebuy tournaments have been around for some time, and offered by many online sites. However their popularity is at an all-time high. This week, Americas Cardroom will offer the first ever freebuy tournament series.

Free Buy-In Poker

Starting May 8th, the Freebuy Super Series will have 57 events spread over 10 days and guarantee $150,000. The tournaments start ACRout as a freeroll for all players, but then offer rebuys and add-ons over an extended period of time, increasing the prizepool. After the rebuy and add-on period, the tournament moves on like any other freezeout event.

The freebuy tournament format will allow casual and recreational players to enter and compete for free, with zero risk. Of course, if they choose to, they can rebuy or add-on like anyone else. Regular players will take advantage of a free buy-in and use real money to increase their stack size through the rebuy and add-on period.

These “freebuy” tournaments are intriguing for many reasons. New players can open an account, deposit nothing, and still compete for real money. They can play against regular grinders, and get a better feel for the online game. Basically, inexperienced players can take a real shot, instead of just being entertained on “play money” tables.

Could this freebuy format revolutionize the online game?

For now, that may be a stretch. However, when this series is a success, and draws many new players as it should, you can be sure other online poker rooms will take notice. They'll have to, this is a great way to attract new players, and for newbies to get in on real money online poker action for free.

Winning Poker Networks’ Freebuy Super Series is available on all WPN poker sites including Americas Cardroom and BlackChip Poker. Click here for a complete tournament schedule.


By Dan Dececco, Rakeback.com Freelance Author



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