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Calculating Rush Poker Rakeback

If you're thinking about joining Full Tilt Poker to test out Rush Poker make sure you get 27% Rakeback!

This fast paced game will cost you rake quicker than any other online poker game in the world- win or lose, you want some of that money back. We're developing a new Rush Poker Rakeback Calculator to help you manage your Full Tilt Rakeback.

Rush poker can offer you 300+ hands ler hour, and many players are multi tabling on top of that.

If you're wondering how much more rakeback Rush Poker can pay, here is  a quick way to calculate your rakeback until we launch our calculator. Obviously you are using a program like Poker Office or Poker Crusher to track your progress, trends, wins, losses and profits. Each of these programs should give you an idea of rake paid.

Take your rake amount and multiply by 0.27 – that should give you a near perfect read on what Full Tilt will be depositing in your account.

Multi-table rush poker example: 2,000 hands, at $0.50/$1 (NL 100) tables equals around $100 in rake. That's $27 in rakeback per hour. Not bad for a quick multi-table session.

>Sign up for an account today for great rakeback deals and updates on new features like the Rush Poker Rake Calculator. It's coming. (And so are some very cool exclusive Rush Poker centered offers.)

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