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Adam Sowell

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Adam Sowell



Adam started playing poker as a boy, joining family and neighbors for friendly 5 cent spread-limit 7 Card Stud games at their South Texas weekend lake house.

He quickly learned that an aggressive style could lead to some extra lunch money, as his relatives would complain how he 'max bet too much'. And yes... he did check raise his grandmother!

After graduating from high school, he accepted a baseball scholarship in Austin. Just like everyone else in the world, he and his friends were inspired to get into poker by the movie Rounders.

Adam soon found himself playing Texas Hold'em in home games, winning weekend beer money from his college teammates.

Several years later the World Series of Poker's EPSN debut revolutionized the poker world and brought on the online poker era. Adam deposited $50 on Ultimate Bet and ran like Forest Gump.

Within the space of a month he found himself playing against the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and Devilfish at Ultimate Bet's highest NL stakes.

Adam quit his retail sales job and moved to Las Vegas. The next eight years would be spent traveling around the world, grinding online poker to stay afloat.

Currently living in Bangkok, Thailand, Adam plans to move to check out Queenstown, New Zealand and South America in the future.

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