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Andrew Morrill

Freelance Author



Andrew came from a place where 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud were staples in the family’s Sunday evening dealer’s choice game. In high school Andrew first stumbled upon Texas Holdem on Yahoo! Games while taking a ‘break’ from studying.

The moment he turned 21, Andrew became enthralled with everything poker after one fateful, love-at-first-flop, trip to Foxwoods playing $2/$4 limit holdem. He quickly found Internet poker and began playing limit games on PartyPoker, eventually moving to small stakes no limit games on PokerStars.

Andrew is currently a regular at the Rivers Casino where he can be found grinding No Limit Holdem cash games and spewing at Omaha 8 when it happens to run.  In his spare time he can be found glued to PlayStation 4 playing Madden.

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