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Austin Munro

Freelance Author



Austin started playing poker when he was in high school, around the time of the Chris Moneymaker story.

His friends would come over on weekends and they’d play for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The stakes kept rising until they were playing $50 buy-in tourneys.

Around that time Austin moved away for college and began playing online poker. He started with a $200 deposit on Full Tilt and played $.05/$.10 6max No Limit Hold’em. Over the next few years he moved up to $1/$2 NL where he was a regular until Black Friday.

Austin now studies Digital Media and enjoys it immensely. He plays live poker on occasion but is really just waiting until online poker returns.

Alongside his studies he can be found playing soccer, and dreaming about the “good ol’ days'” while brewing beer. He’s also the proud creator of Beerify, a search engine for alcoholic beverages.

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