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Erik Olson

Freelance Writer

Erik Olson Rakeback.com




Erik first became acquainted with poker in 2005 through the community of StarCraft, a popular PC strategy game.

After reading about how much money SC pros like Rekrul, Tillerman, and Elky were making in poker, he became intrigued and decided to deposit $50 on PokerStars. He started playing in the $.01/$.02 No-Limit cash games and never looked back, eventually grinding the mid-stakes NLHE games across several sites for the better part of a decade.

In recent years, his focus has turned to daily fantasy sports, where he enjoys attempting to tackle the same type of analytical problems that made poker so much fun. He's also an avid traveler and writer, a classically trained violinist, and has a deathly fear of most normal adult responsibilities.

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