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Betfair iPhone App

Betfair iPhone and iPadFor bettors who like their action on-the-go, the Betfair iPhone app displays current betting odds in the thousands of markets that Betfair offers to their customers.

The app allows Betfair members in the UK or Ireland to place bets and access their account details on their iPhone. They can browse or search for specific categories to bet on—sports and races of course, but also things like politics, financial markets, and entertainment awards.

Betfair iPhone App screen shots.

The app uses location information from the iPhone’s GPS system to confirm that the user is located on the British Isles. At this time, he app’s functionality is only available to people located in the UK and Ireland, but Betfair is hoping to soon expand to other countries.

Odds displayed in iPhone Betfair App.

Betfair iPhone App in UK iTunes Store

iPhone owners can download Betfair for iPhone (2.0 MB) for free through the iTunes App Store. First create your Betfair account through Rakeback.com.

Please note new players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Norway, Canada, Greece are no longer allowed to open a Betfair account.

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