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Betfair Poker 40% Rakeback Deal is now permanent

Betfair Poker now offers the uppgraded Rakeback deal with 40% rakeback indefinitely; available to all new players who generate 30,000 Betfair Poker points (£1,500) monthly and have signed up after 1st of February, 2009.betfair-40-rakeback-permanently

  • New players are automatically included.
  • Existing Betfair players who have signed up before February 2009 are asked to contact Betfair Poker helpdesk directly at [email protected] and ask to be included in the 40% rakeback deal.

If a player creates less than 30,000 Betfair Points monthly, the basic 30% rakeback is in effect.

Betfair is using the bi-monthly rakeback payments; the overall rakeback rates will still be determined by overall rake measured on a monthly basis. One main rakeback payment at the end of the month and one base rate rakeback payment at mid-month; on the first and third Thursday of every month.

Free Million Dollar Game

Betfair has announced the first event for WSOP Europe 2009:  the Free Million Dollar Game. Players get a chance to represent their region or country at a live final table and come back home a millionaire.

Get Betfair Poker Exclusive 40% Rakeback Deal

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