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Betfair Presents Aussie Millions Points Race & Rake Hands Frenzy

By Robert Jones, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Betfair Poker LogoRecently Betfair revealed two great promotions, the $100,000 Aussie Millions Points Race and the $50,000 Rake Hands Aussie Frenzy.  These two promotions differ and will be explained in detail, but both of them have one goal in mind – to get you “down under.”

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The $100,000 Aussie Millions Point Race will feature great prizes for those who finish in the top 100 of the leaderboard.  They will split a share of $100,000, including four Aussie Millions Packages worth $15,000 each. 

One would think that the four Aussie Million Packages would be given to the top four players on the leaderboard, but that’s not the case with the Aussie Millions Point Race.  Just by finishing in the top 100 you become eligible for one of the $15,000 packages.  The first place winner on the leaderboard will win one of the packages.  The 2nd-6th place finishers will play for the second, the 7th-40th will play for the third, and 41st-100th will play for the fourth and final package.

The $15,000 package includes the $10,000 AUD buy-in to the Aussie Millions Main Event, a room at the Crown Metropol in Melbourne for the duration of the Aussie Millions (January 20-31, 2011), $2,500 in spending cash, a Betfair branded gear pack, and even two tickets to a Grand Slam tennis match.

Additionally, even if you are not fortunate enough to get one of the Aussie Millions Packages, you are still definitely earning some cash for finishing in the top 100.  Each player who finishes in the top 100 will win a minimum of $50, and up to, of course $15,000 for the Aussie Millions Package.  To opt in to the Aussie Millions Point Race and for more details click here. 

The other promotion running on Betfair is the $50,000 Raked Hands Aussie Frenzy.  The top winners will earn the same Aussie Millions Package detailed above.  The Ranked Hands Aussie Frenzy will be separated into three different categories, so players at all levels can compete for an Aussie Millions Package.  The Gold category is $1/$2 and higher stakes, Silver is $.25/.50 to $.50/$1 and Bronze is $.02/$.04 to $.15/$.30.

The seven players who play the most raked hands in the Gold category will earn a spot in the $35,000 Aussie Millions Package freeroll on November 30.  The top five players in the Silver category will earn a seat in the freeroll, and the top three in the Bronze category will earn a seat.  Of those 15 people, one will earn an Aussie Millions Package.  Additionally, just for making it into the freeroll you are guaranteed to walk away with at least $600.

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