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Betfair Poker Tournaments

The Betfair poker tournament schedule is built around five major weekly tournaments with combined guaranteed prize pools of more than $400,000.

Weekly Betfair Tournaments

$40,000 Guaranteed Highroller Betfair Poker tournament.$40,000 Guaranteed Highroller – This tournament features big stacks with a big buy-in to match; $525, to be specific. It runs every Tuesday at 20:30 CET.

$50,000 Guaranteed Euro Grand Prix Betfair Poker tournament.$50,000 Guaranteed Euro Grand Prix – This $162 tournament runs every Saturday at 20:00 CET. It features tons of qualifiers and satellites every week and has an estimated first prize of $8,500.

$12,000 Guaranteed Royal Betfair Poker Tournament.$12,000 Guaranteed Royal Tournament – This tournament runs every week on Saturday at 20:15 CET. An $11 buy-in will get you 1,500 chips and the option of unlimited rebuys for the first levels of the tournament.

Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed ChampionChip Betfair Poker tournament.Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed ChampionChip – The ChampionChip is Betfair’s weekly flagship tournament. It features a $200 buy-in, starting stacks of 2,500 chips, and 20 minute levels. Step up every Sunday at 18:00 CET for your shot at the anticipated first prize of $32,000.

Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed Betfair Poker tournament.Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed – 1 Rebuy – The $100K Rebuy runs every Sunday at 21:00 CET. You can get 2,500 for a $108 buy-in, or take the rebuy option and nab a 5,000 starting stack.

The regular Betfair tournament schedule also offers several daily tournaments with guarantees from $12,000 to $40,000, including:

  • A $54 rebuy tournament held Monday through Friday at 21:00 CET
  • A $108 turbo, shorthanded tournament at 23:15 CET daily
  • A $11 freezout with a $12,000 prize pool, held Sunday through Friday at 20:20 CET

Please note new players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Norway, Canada, Greece are no longer allowed to open a Betfair account.

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