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Blaze Away for Blazing Cannon Bucks at Betsafe

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

Betsafe Poker is now offering Blazing Cannon, a “sizzling mini-game” where players can win free cash bonuses from €1 to €100.

Players at Betsafe’s speed poker Blaze tables will get to play the new game every time they have won 20 hands.

On Blaze tables, players are usually moved to a new table after every hand, but after winning the 20th hand, Blazing Cannon opens and players get to refocus on winning some free money. A visual cannon fuze indicator shows how close you are to getting your next chance at free money.

Blazing Cannon is a nod to the world of shoot ‘em up style computer games. When the game pops up, players have to aim and fire a cannon at a target consisting of “golden suit tokens are balanced precariously on top of a house of cards.”

Out of the cannon’s mouth comes a blazing poker chip which will knock down the tokens. The more you knock down, the more money you can win.

Betsafe Brand Manager, Christopher Hirst, says “Blazing Cannon was designed for players looking to boost their bankroll whilst reveling in the thrill of a game that’s neither been seen nor played before.”

According to the press release, the new game which launched on August 7th has already created a buzz that means a lot more people are sat at the Blaze tables.

The game is only available on Blaze tables with stakes of €0.05/€0.10 or €0.25/€0.50, but player numbers have rocketed since its introduction. The game is now seeing upwards of 400 players on the tables at peak times.

The introduction of ideas from the fun gaming industry looks like it will continue, given the immediate success of Blazing Cannon. Hard core grinders should love what will become regular additional free money, and casual players will love the thrill of the game which will add something extra to their poker experience.

The game is also available on Ladbrokes Poker.

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