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HUD for Bovada

Bovada PokerHoldem Indicator is a workable solution to using a HUD for Bovada and tracking your play.

It's a self-tracking Bovada HUD only, as Bovada (aka Bodog) has all anonymous tables. You will be able to display VPIP, PFR, 3b stats etc. for your own play but not others at the table.

In this regard Hold'em Indicator differs from tracking software like Holdem Manager and PokerTracker (which don't work at all as a HUD for Bovada).

The Holdem Indicator Bovada HUD In Action 

Holdem Indicator works by scraping information from the screen rather than reading hand histories on your computer (which aren't available in realtime on Bovada). Tutorial video:

That's why it works as a HUD for Bovada, albeit a more lightweight one than you might be used to on HEM2/PT4.

One helpful addition is that pot odds are also displayed on screen.

Holdem Indicator is $99 with an unlimited free trial for play money games to test out the program.

Is a HUD for Bovada Allowed?

Discussion of whether a HUD for Bovada is legal software is available in this CardsChat thread - there a rep from PokerTracker confirms that development of tracking software was approved by Bovada.


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