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Bovada Bad Beat Bonus

Every poker player loses hands, but it always feels worse to lose while holding an amazing hand.

One great Bovada Poker promotion completely removes the pain of taking a bad beat.

Bovada Bad Beat Bonus

At any real money Texas Hold'em cash game table, if you lose a hand with a full house, aces full of kings (or better), you are entitled to a Bad Beat Bonus 100x the big blind.

Bovada Bad Beat Bonus Rules

  • Both the winning and losing player in the hand must be using both of their hole cards, and the hand must reach showdown.
  • Three or more players must be dealt cards in the hand.
  • The maximum bonus is $1,000.

Bovada Bad Beat Bonus Example

You're dealt A♥A♠ at a $1/$2 table.

The board comes A♦K♠K♦2♠Q♦.

You're all in vs one opponent, and one or more other players were dealt in preflop.

Villain shows J♦T♦ and your full house loses to a straight flush.

You're eligible to receive 100x the big blind, $200 in this example.

How to Claim Your Bad Beat Bonus

To claim the bonus, just email your hand number to [email protected] and allow 48 hours for processing. The bonus cash will be added to your account with no strings attached.

Claiming the bad beat bonus doesn't affect your deposit bonus in any way.

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