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Bovada Royal Flush Bonus

With the Bovada Royal Flush Bonus, making the best hand in poker pays even more than it normally does.

We've all seen the Royal Flush Bonuses available in casinos or on other poker sites - to be eligible to win, you typically need to be playing at a table where extra rake goes towards the prize for players who hit a Royal Flush.

On top of that, usually the hand needs to reach showdown.

Bovada Royal Flush Bonus

This Bovada promotion, however, doesn't force players to deal with any of that.

It's simple - make a Royal Flush at any cash game table and you'll win a prize equal to 50 big blinds at the stakes you're playing, up to $200.

The hand doesn't need to reach showdown, so there's no need to fear betting your hand on the river.

Bovada Royal Flush Bonus Example

An interestingly played T♠J♠Q♠K♠A♠ at a 5NL table.

The video author confirms in the comments he received his Royal Flush Bonus of 50 big blinds.

Bovada Royal Flush Bonus Rules

  • The hand must take place at a Texas Hold'em cash game table, not a tournament
  • You must use both hole cards to make the Royal Flush
  • 3 or more players must have been dealt into the hand when it started - so no HUHU play

Then simply email the hand number to [email protected] and allow 48 hours for processing.

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