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Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

2015 update – Carbon remains open but no longer accepts affiliate signups, so we can no longer offer support or exclusive promotions. For a rakeback-friendly room, we recommend Americas Cardroom.

Does Carbon Poker have a Bad Beat Jackpot? – Yes.

Update April 9, 2014 – Merge has reintroduced the Bad Beat Jackpot, this time round making it easier to hit and absolutely free. No extra rake is taken to fund the prizepool. Read more here.

Carbon Poker - Flagship Merge Room

Carbon Poker decided to remove its bad beat jackpot (BBJ) promotion in August 2012, citing player ecology.

The last ever BBJ then hit shortly after in October for $599,000 and all jackpot tables were shut down.

Carbon Poker BBJ Removed

Support rep CarbonRyan gave the following statement on the jackpot’s removal:

We have made the decision, after some long analytical review of the BBJ Tables, to remove them completely.

This change is to ensure a healthier poker room ecology, while providing players with a better ring game selection and increased players at the stakes the BBJ tables use to be.

Bad beat jackpots have become more unpopular in recent years as online poker players become more savvy to the effects of rake on winrate. Bad beat jackpots are funded by an extra rake drop, of 50 cents per hand.

Bad beat jackpots rarely reach a large enough size to be +EV, and are a clear rake increase when considering that 10% of the prizepool is usually withheld by poker rooms as an ‘administration fee’.

Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Video

The video below is a part of Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot history – the largest payout ever awarded in the promotion. See how a $400,000 payday for Carbon player ‘Ruggio’ unfolded in real-time.

[youtube src=”FqIhK9hKCyQ” width=660 height=425]

Other Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Winners

The final bad beat jackpot hand was ‘won’ (players must lose the hand on a bad beat to win the jackpot) by Carbon player ‘SEREN1TYN0W’, having his quad 8s cracked by the quad 10s of ‘mister275’.

90% of the $599,000 prizepool was distributed to the players dealt in at the table (normally 70%, with 20% seeding the next jackpot), and 10% retained by the Merge Gaming Network.

Of that 90%, half was awarded to the ‘loser’ of the jackpot hand, 25% to the winner, and the remaining 25% split equally amongst players dealt in at the table (not sitting out).

Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Requirements

While it was active the rules to hit the BBJ at Carbon Poker were:

  • Losing with four of a kind 7s or better
  • Winner and loser using both of their hole cards
  • 4+ players dealt in to the hand

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