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Doyles Room Reward Program Details Released

By Robert Jones, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Doyles Room LogoSigning up for the program is easy.  The first time you either play a cash game or enter a tournament, you are in.  For the Doyles Reward program you earn both Frequent Player Points (FPP) and Brunson Bucks.  FPP are earned any time you pay a rake in a cash game or pay a tournament fee.  The more FPP you earn the higher up the Doyles Rewards loyalty program you will jump.  All players start at the bronze level.  At 200 FPP you reach the Silver level, 500 FPP is Gold, 5,000 FPP is Platinum, 20,000 is Doyle’s Elite, and at 50,000 FPP, the highest level, you reach Doyle’s Legends. 

As players earn FPP they become eligible for special bonuses and rewards.  At the Platinum level players can earn a free copy of Doyle Brunson’s autobiography, “The Godfather of Poker.”  At the elite level players can earn a 10% discount from the DoylesRoomStore, and that discount rises to 15% at the highest level, Doyle’s Legends.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, as players can also earn free bonus money, free tournament entries, and even interest bearing accounts.

In addition to earning FPP, players can also use Brunson Bucks.  While FPP are reset at the end of the month, players can hang on to Brunson Bucks for life.  Brunson Bucks are earned the same way and at the same rate as FPP.  As you rise through the levels you are offered multipliers.  When you reach Doyle’s Legends you can earn FPP and Brunson Bucks at six times the normal rate. 

Brunson Bucks can be redeemed in two ways.  They can be used in the DoylesRoomStore, where you can purchase clothes, books, and even electronics, or at the Bucks to Cash page, which is located in the Doyles Reward Section.  At the Bucks to Cash page players can redeem their Brunson Bucks starting at $25 dollars and up to as much as $2,500 in a single transaction. 

In addition to the great rewards and bonuses already outlined, players can earn even more bonuses by signing up for DoylesRoom through Rakeback.com.  For starters you have a chance to play poker with the professionals that play at DoylesRoom, including Doyle Brunson himself.  You can also earn limited edition copies of Super System 1 & 2, the strategy books authored by Doyle Brunson and many of the top names in poker.  Perhaps most exciting of all is the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of bonus bucks in the DoylesRoomStore at the Doyle’s Legends reward tier.

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