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Full Tilt VIP Program

The old Full Tilt Poker paid players who signed up via affilates 27% flat rakeback for every hand.

The new EDGE VIP system keeps the weekly cashback, but adds play volume requirements, similar to the PokerStars VIP Club. Black Card status then adds additional value.

Full Tilt Old vs New: Quick Comparison


    Base Rakeback %


    MGR Deductions? Affiliates?
    Old 27% + Black Card Weekly Yes Yes
    New Up to 25% + Black Card Weekly No No


Your EDGE VIP status depends on your rolling average of Full Tilt Points (FTPs) earned over a 7, 30 or 100 day period as shown in the table below.

VIP Status

7 Days

30 Days

100 Days Cash per 100 FTPs Weekly RB %
Bronze 10 - - Freerolls -
Silver  50 35  25  $1.00 10%
Gold  100 75  50  $1.50 15%
Platinum  -  150 100  $2.00 20%
Diamond - 350 250 $2.50 25%

 $1 in rake = 10 Full Tilt Points (FTPs).

Value of Full Tilt Points

Diamond VIPs earn exclusive access to the EDGE Diamond Store, where Full Tilt Points can be used to purchase the following bonuses.

Bonus Cash

FTP Cost

Equivalent Rakeback %

$50 15,000 3.33%
$100 28,500 3.51%
$250 65,000 3.85%
$500 125,000 4.00%
$1,000 240,000 4.16%
$2,000 460,000 4.35%
5000 1100000 4.55%

There are no MGR deductions on the new Full Tilt, so the above rakeback percentages are accurate. Players that frequently grind during happy hours can add a few percent onto these figures.

Players that don't reach Diamond status can still use their Full Tilt Points for tournament tokens and ring game tickets, offering up to a few percent extra rakeback.

Black Card - Up to 40% Rewards

Black Card status is achieved by earning a rolling average of 500 Full Tilt Points per day over 100 days. That's equivalent to $50 rake/day.

At the highest volume of play, Black Card VIPs can compete in monthly leaderboards to become Black Card sponsored pros. At any play volume benefits include liquid FTP to cash conversion and double FTPs.

15 different leaderboards run for different games and stakes, each running for 6 months and awarding elite grinders 6 month pro sponsorships after completion. Sponsored pros become 'red' on the site, and receive an incredible 100% rakeback plus $20,000 in bonuses or MTT entries.

Black Card VIPs can convert FTPs to cash at any time a rate of 200 FTPs = $1. This 5% rakeback is in addition to weekly Edge rewards, bumping up rewards immediately to 30%. The conversion can be set up to automatically add cash to your balance at the same time as your Edge reward hits, or can be done manually at any time.

Then, simply opt into the monthly leaderboards (which run 100% of the time) and regardless of your placing you’ll earn double the base FTPs for all your play. With the double FTPs rewards then reach 35%.

The approximate ‘up to 40%’ figure then accounts for bonus FTPs earned with ‘Game of the Week’ and ‘Early Bird’ promotions, random reload bonuses offered on the site, and your EV in the leaderboard.

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