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Full Tilt Synchronizes Tournament Breaks

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Full Tilt Poker now synchronizes multi-table tournament breaks, which helps you take a real 5 minute break when playing more than one tournament.

How Synchronized Breaks Work

Synchronized Breaks will take place at 55 minutes past every hour. Previously breaks in multi-table tournaments were taken once per hour, on each tournament individually based on its start time. Since tournamens start around the clock, breaks were spread around and you might have a break going on in one tournament and still playing another one.

Synchronized Breaks changes this by making all your breaks start at the same time, always 55 minutes past every hour after all hands are completed. For example if a tournament starts at 12:15, your first Synchronized Break will start after 12:55 when all hands are complered. The tournament will resume exactly 5 minutes after all tables have completed their hands.

Synchronized Breaks will not occur in the following cases:

  • Tournaments that are running but still open for late registration
  • Tournaments still within the first blind level
  • Turbo Tournaments still within the first two blind levels
  • Sit & Go Tournaments with less than 30 players

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