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Durrrr vs Antonius Resumes

Durrr Challenge, Antonius vs. DwanThe Durrrr Challenge has been on a break for over two months, with some fans of the challenge wondering if it would resume again. Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius had not been on the Durrrr challenge tables on Full Tilt Poker for over two months. The most likely reason being the busy schedule live poker recently, mainly the WSOP. However, last night for the first time in over two months both player found their way to the Full Tilt tables, where they played four tables at a time for over two and half. They where seen playing Pot-Limit Omaha on all four tables, clocking up a total of 795 hands, taking the total count of hands up to 21,442.

Previous Results from the Durrr Challenge

The last time both Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius meet at the Full Tilt's Durrrr Challenge tables, Dwan managed to turn being down $38,000 into a massive lead of $726,000 in a monster 15 hour session that seen Dwan win a massive $764,000 that night on 19th June. With such a large time gap since that last session, where Antonius lost a small fortune, fans where starting to doubt if the event that is meant to last 50,000 hands would ever continue. However, this time Antonius answered all the doubters with a quick two and half hour session where he destroyed Durrrr.

Patrik Antonius pulls back

Although, many fans and poker players thought the Durrrr challenge between Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan was all but over, with Dwan taking a massive lead being up $726,000. Antonius turned what looked like a lost cause, being down $726,000, into a reachable target with a session that seemed couldn't have gone better. In a session that lasted only two and a half hours Antonius turn a balance that used to be down $726,000 against Durrrr, into being down $334,000 after last nights session on Full Tilt seen Antonius win over $392,000.

Last night seen the challenge come to life again, yet Durrr might want to forget this one. Today has yet to see any more action, but hopefully they won't stay away from the challenge tables on Full Tilt Poker too long.

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