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Full Tilt Now Offers Draw Poker Games

By Nathan Carroll, Rakeback.com Staff Writer
Triple Draw Poker

The team of developers behind Full Tilt Poker recently unveiled a software update that's been in the works for the last few months: draw games. The eight games that have been added to the FTP client are NL 2-7 Single Draw, FL 2-7 Triple Draw, NL 2-7 Triple Draw, FL 5 Card Draw, PL 5 Card Draw, NL 5 Card Draw, FL A-5 Triple Draw, and FL Badugi. Also appearing is a new 10-game mix, which adds Badugi, NL 2-7 Single Draw, and FL 2-7 Triple Draw to the previous 7-game format, which also continues to be spread.

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Draw game specialists and mixed game enthusiasts at all stakes are thrilled with the recent additions. Many of these players have been necessarily confined to PokerStars in their online play, and gladly welcome an alternative place to take their action. Hopefully the additional degree of freedom in the draw game environment will attract more players to these poker variants and increase interest and traffic at both sites.

Since being added to the FTP software early Thursday morning, the new games have played host to thousands of eager competitors at stakes from $0.01/$0.02 to $1000/$2000. Many players are taking advantage of the micro-stakes training ground to try out new games for the first time, while at the other end of the spectrum, Scandinavian poker pro Patrik Antonius has been patiently grinding 2-7 TD against all comers at nosebleed stakes.

In addition to cash tables, FTP will also offer their new game types in sit-and-go and multi-table tournament formats. The draw games have come onto the scene just in time for the upcoming FTOPS XVIII tournament series, which runs from November 10-21. Four FTOPS events will feature the  new games: $216 PL 5 Card Draw on Nov 15, $216 10-Game on Nov 17, $535 2-7 Single Draw on Nov 18, and $322 FL 2-7 Triple Draw on Nov 19.

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