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Full Tilt Poker Black Card Program Set to Launch

Full Tilt Black CardOn Thursday, September 30th, Full Tilt Poker will launch a new recognition program aimed at high volume, consistent players - The Black Card Experience.  Qualifiers in Full Tilt's new program will be treated to a unique selection of rewards, services, luxury gifts, and of course cash.

In order to qualify, players will need to achieve a 500 Full Tilt Point daily average over a 100 day rolling period (the previous 99 days + the current day).  In order to maintain Black Card Status users will need to maintain the 500 point average, or enter the 50 day grace period in which the average must be brought back to 500.  During the grace period, players will still receive all Black Card benefits, however if the average is not improved after 50 days, members will be dropped.

While in the Black Card program, members will be availed a myriad of benefits.  One benefit will be upgraded merchandise to be purchased with Full Tilt Points via the exclusive Black Card Store.  So far details have not been released, but many of the items are thought to be on the high end.  In addition to upgraded merchandise, Black Card holders earn FT points 2x as fast as normal users and be entered in to Black-Card-only tournaments.  Beyond online rewards, Black Card holders will also receive preferential treatment at live events including the WSOP where members will have access to Full Tilt's "Pro's Choice" suite.

Finally, Full Tilt Promises Black Card holders dedicated customer service via a private email address.

For your chance to be a part of Full Tilt Poker's new Black Card Experience, sign up and create your account here.

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