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Double Guarantee Week Coming on Full Tilt Poker

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Full Tilt Poker LogoFull Tilt Poker’s Double Guarantee weeks have always been popular in the past, but with every guaranteed tournament from January 24th – 30th being converted to Full Tilt’s latest feature, a Multi-Entry Tournament, there should be plenty of action for the week.

All regularly scheduled guaranteed tournaments will have their guarantee doubled for the week, culminating in what should be one of the biggest Sundays ever on the site.  $30 Million will be offered in guaranteed prize pools during the week.

Couple this with the fact that every guaranteed tournament is being converted to a Multi-Entry Tournament, and we should see record numbers in many of these tournaments.  Players will be allowed to have up to four entries for these tournaments, and it should be interesting how many of the players that regularly participate in the guarantees decide to “multi-table”, and drive the number of entries up even higher.

The guaranteed Shootout and Cashout tournaments will have their prize money doubled during the week, but won’t be available as Multi-Entry Tournaments though, as their structure doesn’t lend to the format very well.

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