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Full Tilt Introduces Multi-Entry Tournaments

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Multi Entry Tournaments Full Tilt Poker

The latest software update from Full Tilt Poker has introduced a new wrinkle for tournament players.  Say hello to Multi-Entry Tournaments, which brings some of the excitement of Full Tilt’s popular Rush Poker to the tournament format.

No, this isn’t multi-accounting.  In fact, this is a legitimate way for players to have more than one entry into a tournament.  Players will always play under the same screen name for every entry in the tournament, and none of their entries will ever be seated at the same table.

Initially players will be limited to four entries per Multi-Entry Tournament, but this could change depending on feedback and analysis.

Players can play all of their entries at the same time, or play one entry until they bust out, and register again as long as late registration is still available.

A twist comes near the end of a tournament. If a player has more entries left in the tournament then there are tables, two of their entries are merged together.  For example, if a tournament breaks down to two tables, and a player has three entries remaining in the tournament, their entry that was at the table that broke up is merged with the entry they have remaining with the smallest stack, leaving the player with two entries on two tables.

Multi-Table Tournaments are a big part of the upcoming FTOPS XIX, which kicks off in February.  Of the 45 events, nine are Multi-Entry Tournaments, including a $1000 buy-in event on Valentine’s Day, and the $600 buy-in Main Event on February 20th.

To kick things off, Full Tilt Poker offered a $1 Multi-Table Tournament Tuesday morning simply named “The First Multi-Entry tourney” that quickly filled its 5000 entry limit. Keep an eye open for more Multi-Entry Tournaments in the coming days as the feature is fully implemented throughout the site.
More details on Full Tilt Poker’s Multi-Entry Tournaments

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