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Get Ready for 48 Hours of Super Sit & Go Madness

Sit and Go MadnessSit & Go players on Full Tilt Poker (FTP) are in for a treat this January as FTP has recently announced the return of their popular Super Sit & Go Madness promotion. During a 48-hour period from January 7th-9th, players will compete for the top spot on Sit & Go leader boards. Sit & Gos will be grouped by buy-in into one of four different categories: $1-$2, $5-$11, $20-$25, and $50-$110. Each group will have its own leader board, where players earn points in accordance the official FTP Leaderboard Calculator.

Sit and Gos that qualify will be highlighted in green when the Madness begins. Regular and Turbo SNGs will obviously both count, and for those who like their Sit & Gos fast and furious, you can also get in on the action with qualifying Super Turbo SNGs. Just keep in mind that Super Turbos only count for 40% as many leaderboard points as other SNGs.

The 48 hours of Madness will be divided into 24 two-hour sections. At the end of each two-hour period, the top seven spots on the leader board for each of the four different buy-in groups will win a cash prize. That's 28 prizes every two hours for two straight days!

Here are the cash prizes that will be awarded to each group after every two hours:

There is also an overall leaderboard that ranks players by their best score in any two-hour period over the course of the Super Sit & Go Madness promotion. The top two spots on the overall leaderboard from each group (eight players total) win entry into a $5K freeroll that will be held the following Saturday, January 15th at 15:05 ET. The top three finishers in that tournament will win money.

The leader boards are the most straightforward way to win cash prizes during the promotion, but players can also score a victory in the Madness Raffle or the Super Madness Freeroll. Each time a player finishes in the money in one of the qualifying Sit & Gos, he receives a raffle ticket. At the end of the 48 hours, over 1,000 prizes will be raffled off, including an FTP Deluxe Home Game Package and hundreds of Steps Tournament tickets.

The $75K Super Madness freeroll will be held on Saturday, January 15th at 16:50 ET. It will be open only to players who won at least three qualifying Sit & Gos during the 48 hours of Madness.

To participate, just look for Sit & Gos highlighted in green starting at 16:00 ET on January 7th. If you're new to FTP, download the program ahead of time to get used to the software.

Good luck!

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