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Full Tilt Updates U.S. Player FAQ

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Poker News Senior Writer

Full Tilt PokerFull Tilt Poker representative FTPDoug posted on the Two Plus Two Forums an update to the US Player FAQ previously released April 29. Details of the forum post are now awailable on the Full Tilt website.

Following are all of the details (copied directly from the 2+2 post) players wanted to know about the calculation of their account balances:

  • All T$ will be converted to real money on a 1:1 basis.
  • All Tournament Tickets will be converted to real money on a 1:1 basis.
  • All Ring Game Tickets will be converted to real money based on the current value of the ticket. This includes any tickets that have expired since April 15th, even if they no longer show in your ticket balance.
  • All pending Take 2 payments will be paid out. If you qualified for 3-6 days you will get $5, if you qualified for 7 or more days you will get $25.
  • All pending rakeback/Cash Back payments will be completed.
  • Any FTOPS Satellite Challenge winners will be paid.
  • All store purchases made after April 15th will be reversed. This includes the Iron Man store and the FTP store.
  • All uncleared portions of purchased bonuses will be refunded in the currency they were purchased.
  • All unused Iron Man freeroll tickets will be exchanged for medals at the same rate one would get if they went to the "Ticket Exchange" on the Iron Man page.
  • All April Iron Man medals will be paid out as if you played the entire month at the same rate as the first 15 days (so if you played 10 of the first 15 days of April, that will count as playing 20 days at that level). If you played all 15 days you will also get 15 medals for the One-A-Day promotion.
  • All Iron Man medals will then be converted to FTPs at a rate of 50 FTPs per medal, which is the top conversion rate in the Iron Man store.
  • All Full Tilt Poker Academy credits will be converted to FTPs at a rate of 1 FTP per credit.

FTPDoug also indicated a decision has not been made regarding Full Tilt Points.

The next scheduled update is to occur no later than May 15, which hopefully will give a firm date on when cashouts can begin.

The entire FAQ can be downloaded at the link below.

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