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Andrew Robl Says Phil Ivey is "Self Serving"

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Andrew RoblYoung twenty-something American professional poker player Andrew Robl admittedly has “a large sum of money” currently in limbo on Full Tilt Poker, and he has some choice words for Phil Ivey regarding the lawsuit Ivey recently filed against Tiltware, the software provider for Full Tilt Poker.

Wednesday Robl penned a scathing post on his blog on the topic of Ivey’s lawsuit and the effect it could have on U.S. players hoping to retrieve their funds from Full Tilt Poker. Robl writes:

Phil Ivey’s statement was solely self-serving.  He is trying to cover his own ass and unassociate himself with full-tilt’s current legal situation/non-paying of players. Phil Ivey is one of the primary equity holders of full tilt and has profited off their business more than almost anyone. If he really cared about the players he would pledge to return every cent of the MILLIONS of dollars he’s made from Full Tilt to the players as Tom Dwan (who is not a [sic] owner) has done.

Instead he made a public statement that dramatically hurt Full Tilt’s reputation and brand at a critical moment.  Full Tilt has been searching for a bridge-loan/investment to cover all player funds and Phil Ivey’s statement has hurt their chances to do so.  It is a lot harder to sale an investment in a poker site who’s most marketable player is making damning public statements against them.

Phil Ivey used this statement all to save his own ass and his own money.  He has hurt the US players chances of being paid in a timely fashion, under the guise of helping them.

Pretty bold words we’d say. Its clear Robl has his own financial interest in the matter. While he makes no mention of the exact amount he has on Full Tilt Poker, we’d guess it’s a little more than your average recreational player.

Interestingly, Robl’s post ends with the following edit (apparently added at a later time) that seems to be an attempt to perform a little bit of damage control. We’re pretty sure Ivey won’t be waiting in the parking lot of the Rio to settle things old-school style though.

Edit:  I do not think that Phil Ivey did anything shady.  I also believe he is correct/in the right in most of the statements he made.  However, I do think what he did hurts the chances of US players being paid – which is bad for me and most of his fans.

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