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Phil Ivey Meets With Full Tilt Poker Executives in Ireland

By Ian Hiaring, Rakeback.com Poker News Staff Writer

Phil IveyWicked Chops Poker is reporting that Phil Ivey had found an investor earlier this year who was willing to infuse enough cash into the company to allow U.S. players to be paid out. When Full Tilt was unwilling to give up majority control to the potential investor the deal went south, and Ivey went berserk, which led to him suing Full Tilt Poker on June 1st in an attempt to escape from his non-compete clause.

Ivey was back in Dublin last week which has the rumor mill churning once again. It’s being speculated that he’s found another investor that might be able to bail Full Tilt out and allow them to pay out U.S. players (which is a big deal to the D.O.J. at this point).

It’s no secret that Full Tilt Poker has been scouring the globe for investors. It’s almost as if they need something that’s halfway between a bailout and a handout at this point. If their bail out is being hand delivered by Phil Ivey, it should make for an interesting shift of power in the company.

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