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BREAKING: No Rakeback on Full Tilt Poker, Sources Claim

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

Full Tilt Rakeback is Over - Sources Say 

6:14 AM EDT - Just minutes ago, sources close to Full Tilt Poker informed Rakeback.com that the new FTP will not offer flat rakeback to players.

Additional details that are known at this time:

  • The change will apply to ALL players - existing players included.
  • A new loyalty program will be announced at a later date.  
This means the end of rakeback at the world's largest rakeback room.  

Broken Promises?

The sudden change seems to throw a coal in the eye of thousands of players world-wide who expected a smooth transition back to the old Full Tilt Poker and weekly 27% rakeback.

There are no specific details as yet as to how the new management will implement player rewards, whether it be by offering a Pokerstars-style VIP program, or some entirely new scheme.

EU Players Must Open a PokerStars Account

Players in regulated European countries will need to open a PokerStars account in order to access their Full Tilt funds. Not sure if you have an account with PokerStars? Open one now

These rumors seem to indicate that the recent lawsuit from PokerStrategy.com is well-founded.

Stay tuned to Rakeback.com's Poker News feed for more details as they emerge.

*** Update: ~30% Rakeback Equivalent ***

10:11 AM EDT - FTP Rep Shyam Markus has posted on the forums that the new rewards system will consist of weekly cash payments based on the number of Full Tilt Points (FTPs) earned that week.

Available to all players by default, the weekly cash payments will max out at offering a 25% rakeback equivalent. $2.50 will be paid into players' accounts per 100 FTPs for players reaching an as yet unknown volume requirement - although it will be 'significantly easier to achieve than Black Card was' (500 FTPs/day pace).

Zero MGR deductions this time round will make the 25% count for more than the old 27% + MGR hit. In addition, FTPs are not 'used up' by the weekly cashback - they can be spent in the store for an extra 4-5% value.

There will be a transition into this new program from the old Iron Man / Black Card schemes, and previous high-volume players will 'likely get a leg up in the new program from the start'.

The Black Card program will return some time after re-launch, but 'in a brand new way'. This implies a higher tier of rakeback above ~30% for high-volume grinders, in line with PokerStars' Supernova Elite program.

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