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Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar Apologizes

On April 15th, 2011, or "Black Friday" as it is known in the poker world, three online poker sites were indicted by the United States Department of Justice. The majority of individuals associated with those sites have remained silent since then, but this week Full Tilt Poker CEO broke that trend in a brief interview with PokerStrategy.

Although Bitar revealed no detailed information that was not already publicly available, he did offer an apology to the poker world for his involvement in the Full Tilt situation:

"I would like to offer my sincere apology to all who have been affected by these events and to clarify that my silence was not an attempt to 'hide,' or 'ignore,' the situation."

Bitar also provided an explanation for why he has remained silent since April:

"There are two reasons. One is the ongoing legal process which has precluded me from providing any relevant information surrounding the on-going investigation, and of course, I have not wanted to jeopardize that process in any way... The second reason is that, along with others, I have been working every single day since Black Friday to ensure players are repaid."

While these comments will no doubt be heavily scrutinized in the poker world, an optimist might view Bitar's willingness to speak now as a positive sign for things to come with respect to Full Tilt - we certainly hope that's the case.

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