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Full Tilt Pros React to PokerStars Takeover of Full Tilt's Assets

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Following yesterday's news that PokerStars will be purchasing Full Tilt Poker's assets and all former Full Tilt account holders will be repaid their account balances, the poker world rejoiced.

We decided to conglomerate some of the public responses from well-known poker pros who were associated with Full Tilt, starting with some former Team Full Tilt members:

Phil Gordon released a public statement: "I am thrilled to learn that Poker Stars has acquired Full Tilt Poker. This acquisition is the best outcome for players and the future of online poker. I am extremely happy to learn that players will be given the opportunity to restore their bankrolls and be made whole. I wish the best of luck to Poker Stars and poker players worldwide."

John Juanda (@LuckBoxJuanda) tweeted: "Overjoyed by the news that FTP players will soon be reunited with their money. Been steaming over the situation for quite some time."

Tom Dwan (@TomDwan) sent a few tweets, and mentioned that he'll be writing a lengthier blog explaining his feelings: "Abt time" "Lol at ppl giving the doj the credit for today. I'll do a long interview or blog detailing who to rly thank and some random stuff"

Gus Hansen did an interview with a Danish website in which he revealed he has $2.4 million tied up on Full Tilt.

While the rest of Team Full Tilt has been quiet so far, another former Full Tilt pro, Phil Galfond, sent a tweet which seems to perfectly fit the opinion of most players:

@PhilGalfond: "Props to @PokerStars for handling the last 16 months w/ extreme professionalism. Bailing us all out now is an obscenely large cherry on top."

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