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Full Tilt is Hiring & Contacting Players

By , Rakeback.com Poker News Editor

Ever since PokerStars purchased Full Tilt Poker, there's been a minimal amount of news regarding Full Tilt's future. Sure, we know that players will get paid at some point - but what needs to be done before that happens?

This week, two steps towards a Full Tilt Poker launch have taken place.

First of all, Rational FT Services, a company with a website that says it is "the provider of technology, marketing and comprehensive consulting services for Full Tilt Poker" has listed several job openings. The available positions are mostly for IT roles, and it is noteworthy that the company is located in Dublin. Hiring employees is of course an excellent sign that significant progress is being made.

Secondly, some non-US players with large sums of money in their Full Tilt accounts have been contacted to provide verification of their account information. It is not entirely clear why this has been happening, and a minority of players have been contacted. Nonetheless, it certainly means that player refunds are being investigated heavily and may come in the near future.

As always, Rakeback.com will update you with any developments related to this situation, and we hope to bring news of player repayments soon.

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