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Undisputed Full Tilt Claims Hitting Bank Accounts This Week

Full Tilt Poker RepaymentsA $2m wave of repayments owed to Full Tilt Poker players will be sent out this week to claimants with undisputed claims, according to John Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas posted on the TwoPlusTwo forums Monday that he had spoken with the DOJ and that those with undisputed claims could look forward to funds hitting their bank accounts by the close of the week, amongst other updates.

Today, I spoke with the Department of Justice and received an update on FTP remissions. First, the recent announced wave of a $2million disbursement of “undisputed” claims should be hitting bank accounts this week. These players can expect to receive their funds Wednesday – Friday. So that is good news for undisputed claimants.

The news is not so great for those of us with disputed claims, but any news is progress. For petitioners who filed a disputed claim - but in the view of the Garden City did not provide sufficient or clear evidence of this dispute - they should expect an email within 60 days notifying them of issues with respect to their claim and be given a time frame in which to provide clarifying information/evidence. 

If you do not receive notification, then you should assume there is no issue with your disputed claim. If you do not receive notification within 60 days your claim likely falls into two categories. 1) Cash outs near the time of Black Friday (either before or after) where a transfer of funds was never completed or a check bounced. They are still determining the time frame for which these “cashouts” will be accepted as owed to the player without the player having to provide additional documentation. 2) Small discrepancies relative to the overall claim. These will likely be approved without serious investigation by Garden City or additional information provided by the player. I did not get a definition of “small discrepancies” but I suspect it would need to be less than 10 percent of your claim to be considered “small.” Again, this is just my supposition. 

If after review of a claim, GCG/DOJ does not agree with the amount requested, the petitioner will be afforded an opportunity to appeal the decision. This process is separate from the deficiency notice process above.

However, (and this is where the news really disappoints) it is unlikely that any disputed claims will be audited and approved for disbursement until Q1 2015. Based on my conversation and this information, it appears there is still much work for Garden City to complete. The wait has been torturous for many and we hope that no one will have to wait beyond early next year to be paid. I expect to have more conversations with the DOJ over the coming weeks and will provide the community with updates as I get new information.

- John A. Pappas, Executive Director, PPA

 An example of a disputed claim would be where players e.g. attempted to cashout on Black Friday.

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