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Full Tilt Players Club Rewards Scheme Goes Live

Full-tilt-payers-clubThe new rewards scheme from Full Tilt started today. The Players Club is a completely different form of VIP scheme established to make Full Tilt stand out from the crowd and distribute marketing money more equally to players.

There are no levels in the new scheme. Every player gets benefits on the same basis.

For high volume players, the option remains to exit the Players Club and continue on the Edge rewards scheme.

The Edge scheme has also changed, but is likely to continue to offer higher equivalent levels of rakeback than the Players Club.

How the Players Club Works

For every $1 paid in rake, players receive one 'coin'. Benefits are distributed through a new game - The Deal.

One coin buys one game of The Deal. Players with existing Full Tilt Points balances can use 20 FTPs to play one game of The Deal.

The Deal provides a screen with seven cards. Players can manually discard two cards, then turn over their hand to see what they have. There is an option to play the game automatically.

The prizes which are awarded depend on the ranking of the poker hand revealed.

  • Royal flush -- A shot at The Deal Jackpot
  • Straight flush -- $200
  • Four of a kind -- $20
  • Full house -- 1,000 Full Tilt Points
  • Flush -- $2 Ring Game Ticket
  • Straight -- $1 Tournament Ticket
  • Three of a kind -- $1K The Deal Freeroll ticket
  • Two pair -- 1 Coin
  • One pair -- 20% Coin progress
  • Ace high -- $1K The Deal Freeroll satellite ticket
  • High card -- No prize

The Deal Progressive Jackpot

Assuming that the probability of each hand is based on a fair deal, then a Royal Flush will be dealt once every 649,739 hands, and a one pair hand be revealed 42.3% of the time. Around 60% of the time a player will win one of the prizes.

Full-Tilt-jackpot wheel

When a player hits a Royal Flush, a new game will immediately open. A wheel of fortune spin then determines what prize is awarded.

There are eight possible prizes, four of $500, then one each of $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000, and the grand prize of hitting the jackpot.

The jackpot pays 50% to the winner and gives the other 50% to everyone who played the Deal in the previous 12 hours.

Every time someone plays The Deal, $0.03 is added to the Deal Jackpot.

The first jackpot has been seeded with $100,000 to launch the Players Club, but will reset to a base of $25,000 for future jackpots.

The Weekly Windfall

Players who play real money poker on any three days each week will qualify for a Weekly Windfall $5k guaranteed freeroll tournament.

Qualify two weeks in a row and players will receive a surprise prize that could be extra coins, tournament tickets, or cash up to $1,000.

Other Players Club benefits include access to Jackpot Sit & Go Freerolls which offer randomized prize pools up to $100, daily super turbo poker tournaments which provide extra coins as prizes.

By Joss Wood Rakeback.com Content Manager

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