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The Full Tilt Poker Players Club - How it Works

Full Tilt Poker Players Club

Introduced Aug 2015, the Players Club is an optional VIP rewards scheme aimed at low volume players - high volume players should opt to continue on the Edge Rewards scheme, as it offers higher rakeback for them.

The Players Club

All players are on the same level, regardless of how much rake you pay or volume you put in.

Players receive a 'coin' per every $1 rake paid, which can be used to play one game of the Deal. Alternatively, players can buy one coin per 20 Full Tilt Points (FTPs).

The Deal

The Deal is a game played in-client in which players see 7 cards on screen, and choose to discard 2. 

Then places turn over their hand and win prizes if they make Ace High or better, ranging from $1k freeroll satellites, through $20 - $200 in cash, to a shot at the Deal progressive Jackpot.

The Deal 

The Deal Jackpot

At the time of writing the The Deal Jackpot exceeds $200,000 - hit a Royal Flush in the Deal for a chance to win 40% of it.

There are 8 prizes in all - 7 cash amounts from $500 - $3,000, then the largest being 40% of the current jackpot prizepool.

Then once hit, another 40% of the jackpot is split amongst everyone who played the Deal in the last 12 hours - so you may win a slice of someone else's jackpot the more you play. The final 20% seeds the next jackpot.

The Deal jackpot is funded by Full Tilt Poker, not your rake - they add $0.03 every time someone plays the Deal.

The Weekly Windfall

As a bonus, anyone enrolled in the Players Club who plays real money poker three days of the week or more can enter the Weekly Windfall $5k freeroll.

Qualify for the Weekly Windfall two weeks in a row and you'll receive an extra prize paid into your account, from coins for the Deal, up to $1,000 in cash.

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