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Full Tilt Pro Bounty in Tournaments

This page contains expired information. Please refer to the current Full Tilt Poker for all up-to-date information.

One of the benefits of playing at Full Tilt Poker is the chance to play with one of their many pros. If you are lucky (or skilled, ahem) enough to bust out a Full Tilt Pro from a MTT with more than 30 entries you can earn back your buy-in, up to $200. Bust multiple pros from the same event and collect more bounties –  up to $200 for each one you send to the rail.

Bounty of Red Professionals at Full Tilt Poker Room.

Done that, Got the T-shirt

As if that’s not enough, Full Tilt will also send you a free T-shirt each time you knock out one of their pros. Collect a closet full. Or a drawer. Just don’t let us find it in the rag box.

*If multiple players split a pot where a red pro busts, any player who wins a piece of the highest pot the pro was involved in will receive a full bounty for busting a red pro. If play in a qualifier tournament continues after all of the top prizes have been awarded, players will no longer be able to collect bounties on any remaining pros. Bounties do not include the tournament entry fee.

**The tournament must have at least 30 entrants registered at the time of the bust-out in order for the pro bounty to be earned. For instance, if you’re playing in a tournament with late registration and bust a pro when only 27 players have registered, and then the tournament later grows to beyond 30 players, you will not receive a pro bounty in that situation. If you bust a pro in a tournament where at least 30 players had registered but only 27 remain, you will earn a pro bounty in that situation.

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