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Full Tilt Poker Security

There are several key aspects to the Full Tilt Poker software security plan:

  • Login with PIN
  • Login with Security Key
  • Identity Protection
  • Cheating Investigation Team

Full Tilt Poker Account Security

Login with PIN

In addition to your regular password, you may choose to also use a “Three-Card” PIN as a login requirement. You can select a sequence of three playing cards which will then be input through a special grid during the login process.

Login with Security Key

As an addition or alternative to the PIN, you can also use a physical object outside of your computer to act as a security key by generating a frequently-changing 6-digit code. The key can either be a dedicated device (available in the FTP Store) or a mobile phone application.

Full Tilt Poker Security Key

Identity Protection

Full Tilt Poker offers several good tips to ensure that no one but you ever gains access to your account.

  • Full Tilt Poker representatives are green in chat. Others may impersonate them in an attempt to fraudulently attain account information. Don’t fall for it!
  • Never give out your account password. Full Tilt Poker support staff need your account name to help you out, but that is all.
  • Be wary of external links. Fraudsters may send you to malicious pages under the guise of Full Tilt Poker business. If a page is not a part of the FullTilitPoker.com domain name, then it’s a fake.

Cheating Investigation Team

This branch of the Full Tilt Poker staff keeps an eye out for any suspicious activity at the tables and fields concerns and complaints from players who think they might have been the victim of dishonest dealings. There are no easy ways to cheat, but Full Tilt Poker does occasionally catch bots on the site or teams of players colluding through cooperative play at the same table.

In these instances, where one or more accounts are shown to have violated the rules of the site, Full Tilt Poker bans the accounts and redistributes the seized funds to honest players who were affected.


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