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$1K Saturday Tournament


Tournament Type: Multi-Table Tournament Full Tilt Poker $1K Saturday Tournament
When: Saturdays at 12:00 ET
Blind Levels: 15,20 Minutes
Starting Chips: 6,000
Buy-in: $1,000 + $50
Interesting Fact: The highest buy-in weekly tournament at Full Tilt Poker.

The Full Tilt Poker $1K Saturday is Full Tilt Poker’s biggest entry fee tournament offered each week. The tournament guarantees a $75,000 prize pool. The tournament structure is the best you will ever find at Full Tilt Poker with long levels and a healthy starting stack.

$1K Saturday Guarantee Strategy

Since this is the biggest buy-in tournament on Full Tilt Poker, expect all of the big online names to turn out and take a crack at the $75K guaranteed prize pool. With no satellites available for the tournament, this is by far the toughest tournament on the weekly schedule.

Play the tournament tight in the beginning and get a feel for how your opponents play. Since the blind levels are long and you have a lot of chips to start, you can afford to sit on your hands for a while.

Make note of who raises in position as a habit and who oftet 3-bets preflop. Watch what players are showing down at the end and take notes as to how they bet throughout the hand.

If you are fortunate enough to build a stack in the middle stages, be sure to exploit the money bubble. Raise a liberal amount of holdings and make smaller 3-bets to try and take the hand down preflop. As most of the players in this tournament are going to be professionals, you are wise to end the hand early and not give your opponents a chance to exploit you after the flop.

Once you have reached the money and locked-up a profit, open your game up and go for the win along with the healthy amount of cash that accompanies it.

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