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Full Tilt Poker Big Little Tournament

Tournament Type: Multi-Table Tournament The Big Little Tournament at Full Tilt Poker
When: Last Sunday of Every Month – 13:00 ET
Blind Levels: 5 Minutes
Starting Chips: 2,000
Buy-in: $2 + $0.20
Interesting Fact: Low buy-in with a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool attracts a huge field.

The Big Little Tournament at Full Tilt Poker is a monthly micro-stakes tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000.

It sounds unbelievable, but that $25,000 is not a typo. Just how does a $2 tournament manage a six-figure prize pool? The field is *HUGE.* The tournament needs at least 12,500 runners to reach the guarantee.

The Big Little Toutnament is also a multi-entry tournament, meaning you can have up to 4 entries into the tournament at the same time.

First place is guaranteed to be at least $5,000, so the Big Little Tournament is a great chance for small-time players to compete for a huge score. Given that $5,000 would be a welcome addition to any player’s bankroll, the Big Little Tournament is popular with more than just micro-stakes players.

The Big Little Tournament Satellites

To help supply that massive player pool, Full Tilt Poker runs a variety of satellites in both multi-table tournament and Sit & Go formats. It takes as little as 3 Full Tilt Points to get chance to qualify for the Big Little Tournament.

The Big Little Tournament Strategy

Reaching the final few tables of any tournament usually involves a lot of luck, and this is even more true in the Big Little Tournament, where you’ll have to outlast thousands of other players to emerge victorious.

That’s obviously no excuse to play poorly, but it does mean that players hoping to see a decent return on their investment will have to play a risky, aggressive, high-variance style. Instead of trying to avoid coinflip situations like overcards against a pocket pair all-in preflop or overcards and a flushdraw against top pair on the flop, you should gladly put yourself in as many of those all-or-nothing situations as possible. Sure, it hurts when you go out, but you’re better off giving yourself the chance to accumulate a big stack rather than trying to chip up slowly. In a field this size, you won’t make it to the leaderboard by being patient.

That said, the Big Little Tournament’s low buy-in and abundant satellites will ensure that the level of play is relatively weak. If you play your good hands hard and are not afraid to get all your chips in the middle, there’s ample opportunity to accumulate a huge stack early.

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