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Full Tilt Poker Friday Night Fights Tournament

Tournament Type: Multi-Table Tournament Full Tilt Friday Nights Fight Tournament
When: Fridays at 14:00 ET
Blind Levels: 12,15,20 Minutes
Starting Chips: 5,000
Buy-in: $300 + $15
Interesting Fact: Earn $100 for each player you knock out of the tournament.

Friday Night Fights at Full Tilt Poker is a multi-table tournament with a $20K guaranteed prize pool. $200 of each entry goes to the prize pool and $100 goes to the bounty.

  • You earn $100 for each player you bust out of the tournament.
  • Satellites into the Friday Night Fights tournament start at just $22.

Friday Night Fights Tournament at Full Tilt Poker

Friday Night Fights Knockout Tournament Strategy

Since every player you eliminate is worth 33% of the buy-in, look to call short-stacked opponent’s all-ins more liberally than you normally would. When the all-in is a small percentage of your chips it’s worth the risk to win the $100 bounty. However, be aware of larger stacks re-raising you out of the pot to attempt to get heads-up with the shorty.

When you are the shorty yourself be prepared to get called a lot lighter than you normally would. It’s probably best to fold marginal situations instead of shoving when you have big stacks yet to act behind you. One benefit to being a short stack is when you have a monster hand. Be more aggressive in your betting size as you are more likely to be called.


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