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Red Bull is Now the Official Drink of the ISPT

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

Red Bull has promised “many surprises to players” now that it is the official drink of the inaugural International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT).

Red Bull is famous for sponsoring extreme sports and adventurous endeavours. The press release states: "Both pioneers in their domain, Red Bull and the International Stadiums Poker Tour are natural partners."

The first event in what is planned to become an international tour will be held at London’s famous Wembley Stadium. What makes the ISPT different is that Day 1 of the event is being held online.

There are in fact six Day 1s being played, with surviving players carrying their chips through to the two Day 2s which will be held live in Wembley.

Regulatory restrictions mean that the organizers have had to allow direct buy ins to the live part of the tournament. Day 2 buy in is €3,000 for 50k chips. 1st place is guaranteed €1m, and if there is an overlay, Nottingham casino Dusk Till Dawn has guaranteed to make up the difference.

Lock Poker Pro Michael Mizrachi leads a field of poker celebrities who have already signed up to play, and with Dusk Till dawn organizing the event, it should be a great public relations success for poker.

The event did not start out looking like it might succeed. Initial hype put forward a €30m guarantee and a proposal that the tournament would start with all online players sat in the stands playing through a physical IT network.

The practicalities soon disabused the organizers of their ambitions and the event looked like it would collapse before it had started. Then Dusk Till dawn stepped in and put their reputation on the line, as well as their phenomenal organizational skills and the ISPT was saved.

Satellites are running on Lock Poker, every Sunday, with buy ins as low as $5.25.

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