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Entraction Network and Entraction Rakeback

One of Europe’s largest and fastest growing networks, Entraction is home to more than 70 poker rooms. And you can earn 30% Entraction rakeback when you sign-up at one of the most popular sites on the network, NoiQ.

Medium Traffic and Action

  • As one of Europe’s largest networks, Entraction is busy, with an average of approximately 5,000 players online.
  • With no US players, traffic peaks in the European evening on Entraction. European daytimes are also quite busy, with mornings being a bit on the slow side.
  • The network also offers casino and sports book gambling. That means there’s a constant influx of inexperienced poker players just looking for a fun game. Experienced players may appreciate the abundance of fish at the tables.

Unique Software Features

  • Entraction is known for offering a lot of the more obscure poker variants, including  some that are starting to take off in popularity, including: Soko, Amerikana and 32 card draw. They also offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha and all the favorites too, of course.
  • Their software has a reputation for being stable and fast. To achieve that, they’ve sacrificed a bit of visual flair. But if you’d rather have a fast gaming experience than pretty graphics, Entraction is worth a look.
  • Poker software on the Entraction network is available in a variety of European languages, including: English, Croatian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

About the Company

Owner/Operator: Entraction Holding AB (NASDAQ OMX: ENT B)

Type of company: Public

Company headquarters location: Sweden

Game server location: Malta

Founded: 2000

Revenue: Approximately $57,726,000 (2009)

Profit: Approximately $28,886,000 (2009)

Employees: 110

Website: www.entraction.com

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