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Chimpanzee Plays Poker for $10,000

July 21 18:11 by Rakeback.com Admin We've already seen some outrageous marketing stunts in the gambling industry so far. The most recent feat being Golden Palace casino having their domain name tattooed on a woman's face. So what could possible be next? Try a chimpanzee entering the $10,000 World Series Of Poker main event. That's right. Mikey the chimp, sponsored by Pokershare, could be sitting next to you at the table. Pokershare staked the $10,000 entry fee for Mikey and have great hopes for him. Mikey has been professionally trained to recognize colors, shapes, and perform on TV, and his favorite move is going "all in". As Pokershare says: "A chimp is capable of playing poker at least as well as Phil Hellmuth Jr., if not better."

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