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Ultimatebet Rakeback Offer Removed

Due to issues with having rakeback sign up confirmations from Ultimatebet, we have decided to discontinue accepting new Ultimatebet rakeback sign ups until further notice. This does not affect rakeback sign ups that have already been sent to us; we are just not accepting new ones. We have over sixty Ultimatebet rakeback sign ups that have been sent to us, but are not listed under our rakeback tracker and are on Pending status. Some of these players have been patiently waiting for weeks and even months to get some resolution. The fate of these players and their rakeback is still uncertain, and Ultimatebet has not yet provided us with any definitive answer. Hopefully all these players will be registered to our rakeback tracker in the end and back paid rakeback for the time that they have been playing at Ultimatebet. For now we want to prevent any further trouble to our customers and not accept new rakeback sign ups to Ultimatebet, until we can ensure that sign ups can be tracked to us correctly and Ultimatebet can provide us with the necessary data to confirm them in a timely manner. Best regards, Mika Ollila Rakeback Ltd CEO

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