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High Stakes Poker coming back for Fifth Season

A few high stakes poker players are likely going to get an early Christmas gift. With the fifth season of the popular show on the Game Show Network (GSN), High Stakes Poker will begin filming the new season at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas right before the holidays. It’s almost a sure bet that players such as Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow will return for the taping, which will run from December 19-21, 2008. What’s not a sure bet is the speculation that Tom “Durrrr” Dwan or Brian Townsend will be part of the show.

Some insiders say that the Internet players tend to be withdrawn and quiet during the games, which doesn’t make for exciting television. While hardcore poker fans would certainly enjoy seeing the strategy employed by these players, the average poker fan on television simply wouldn’t get it. Either way, the cat will be out of the bag right after Thanksgiving in the US as the network plans on announcing the lineup at that time.

There’s been questions regarding the format of the show as it enters it’s fifth season, with suggestions that the game of choice may be changed. That was put to rest however, with the following statement from Kevin Belinkoff, Vice President of Programming for GSN:

“It’s still High Stakes Poker, it will still be no-limit hold’em. We always look to change the game up, look for different things we can do with the game, different players, but at the end of the day, it will still be the same cash game that everyone knows. We kind of let the players do their own thing, so if they come up with other things, then we just let them have their way with it.”

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