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Industry Responds to Kentucky Gambling Ruling and Appeal

It was a ground breaking week for the internet gambling and online poker industries. First, a three judge Court of Appeals panel overturned a lower court's decision on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, the Commonwealth of Kentucky appealed the decision to its Supreme Court.  The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative (SSIGI) has been on the front lines of the fight for the industry both on Capitol Hill and Kentucky. Commenting on the week's victory in Kentucky, SSIGI's spokesperson Michael Waxman said, “We are pleased that the Court has decided not to interfere with the freedom of the internet. Now, we need to bring change to our country by allowing Americans the freedom to gamble online in an environment where they are protected.”

The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association's (iMEGA) lawyers, who have argued in front of the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Circuit Court, responded to the news that the Commonwealth would appeal the case.  “We’re not surprised that Governor Beshear and Secretary J. Michael Brown are appealing our win in the Kentucky Court of Appeals. They’ve put a lot of political capital into this and they’ve called us just about every name in the book. Given that, it’s likely they feel they can’t back down now and let the Court of Appeals decision stand, regardless.” said Joe Brennan, Chairman of iMEGA.
Now the SSIGI and iMEGA as well as the rest of the industry will await word from the Kentucky Supreme Court and whether they will hear the case.

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