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Jack "Armydoctor" Pan sets A Unique Record

An announcement was made just yesterday from poker network CEREUS regarding the results of their Yearly Tournament Leader Board. While not an earth-shattering event such as when one wins the World Series of Poker, what Jack Pan accomplished is certainly newsworthy.

So what did Jack do to attain this level of attention? He won the Tournament Leader Board top prize at UltimateBet. He also took down the crown of Tournament Leader Board king at Absolute Poker. Two sites. One network. Thousands of players. One man winning both titles. In the world of Internet poker, this is quite an achievement. The always outspoken Phil Hellmuth commented: “Our top leader board winners have a lot to be proud of today. Not only did the same player conquer both leader board competitions - a significant achievement to say the least - but several of our top leader board players have cashed for tens of thousands of dollars at the online poker tables.”

Sharp eyed readers will likely see the similarity between the screen names: ARMYDOCTOR on UltimateBet and 011POKERDR on Absolute Poker. There’s no collusion here, it’s the same person so hopefully no rumors start about this significant accomplishment. Mr. Pan is already discussing how he wants to spend the extra $10K that he’s banking for his efforts from 2008. According to him, he’s going to use the cash to enter a few live events and take a trip China to visit relatives.

You can catch Jack playing using the above screen names at both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.cereus-logo-poker-network

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