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Poker Players Alliance Releases Congressional Ratings

The Poker Player's Alliance has released its Congressional Ratings website, www.congressionalpoker.com, which is designed to spark enthusiasts to get involved in the advocacy efforts for the poker and gambling community.  The website allows users to easily find the Poker Players Alliance's ratings for their local senators and congressmen by entering their zip code.PPA Poker Players Alliance Logo
According to the guide on the website, a congressman is awarded an A+ if they have worked to protect poker rights.  A congressman will earn an A for being a supporter of online poker rights such as by being a co-sponsor of HR 2046, supporter of HR 5767 and/or HR 6870.  An A- is gained for voting against the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act (the bill that eventually became the UIGEA) but didn't take any other action.
A B is earned by a legislator for co-sponsoring HR 2610 which is the Internet gaming study bill and/or signing a pro-online poker UIGEA regulation comment to a federal agency.
Legislators who voted for HR 4411 but took no other action, will get a rating of a D.  Those who got a rating of an F or F- have obviously fallen into the category of opposing online poker rights both passively or actively though a question mark means the congressman has taken no action and has no voting record on the matter.  Data is more limited when it comes to Senators so, users will see more Senators than Congressman earn the question mark as their grade.  An A earned means the Senator signed a UIGEA letter in favor of the Poker Players Alliance.  There are 10 Senators who voted against Senator Kyle's anti gambling 474* and all received an A+.  As before, a designation of an F is given to the high number of legislators who either co-sponsored anti internet gaming legislation or is working actively against gambling or as the Poker Players Alliance calls them "anti-poker extremists".

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